New Premises

After many years in the North East HEATEC has moved to new premises in the South East of England

Based at the Lympne Distribution Park near Hythe in Kent the new warehouse and offices will allow Heatec to expand its sales of Electric Radiators into Northern France where electricity is the prime heating power source.

Contact numbers remain the same i.e. 0191 478 4576 or 0845 872 6667. With the new line for the future 01303 262272 and e-mail


JUNE 2014


The HEATEC product range was recently enhanced by the re-introduction of the popular Forte range under the FORTE PLUS brand offering all the advantages of a bespoke range individually made to suit each customer’s specific requirements..

Available in four sizes 420, 570, 670 and 770mm as standard with outputs from 550w to 3kw


MAY 2014


The CAST IRON range now includes 2 heights for the BOHEMIA style at 640mm and 990mm.
Newly introduced is the BOHEMIA RETRO with traditionally designed sections in both 640 and 990mm heights All have outputs from 550w to 2kw as standard and up to 3kw to special order.

The IMPERIAL VICTORIAN range has been expanded to four heights at 430, 580, 680, and 980mm high with outputs up to 2Kw and to 3Kw to special order


August 2013  


The growing awareness in the UK of the damage that is said to have been caused to the environment by the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuel has led to a growing demand for electric heating.  

Electricity is seen to be cleaner than fossil fuels at the point of consumption.

Heatec have been at the forefront of conversion of standard radiators to electric for over twenty five years and many of the original Tristat controllers are still in use today.  

Designed for use both with and without thermostats the modern Heatec controllers are of electronic design unlike many imported competitors. Heatec controllers are designed and built in the North of England and are subject rigorous testing during production.  

All of Heatec’s thermostatic Radiators have there thermostats external to the radiator and measures the air temperature in the room. Imported controllers which are mechanically operated tend to have an internal thermostat which lies alongside the heating element and therefore measures only the temperature of the liquid and the heating element in its immediate vicinity.

Modern designer radiators made of Aluminium are much more efficient than the traditional steel panel radiators which are the UK standard, Aluminium radiators hold up to 26% less liquid than steel panel radiators and because of their design can convect over 30% more warm air over their fins. This leads to the much more efficient use of electricity and, if properly controlled, much reduced heating bills.

The NEW Heatec Confort Electric aluminium radiators and the Slim Line Electric Aluminium radiators offering up to 40% Energy Savings due to the ultra accurate Thermostat are available with built in 7 day digital timer and room temperature control, as well with capacity from 500w to 1500w. For detailed information on our ultra accurate Thermostats and how they can save up to 40% please see our Greener Solutions Page.

Heatec also converts tubular steel and cast iron radiators to be used electrically and has built up considerable expertise in this specialised area. Many of the cast iron versions have been supplied to the National Trust and other stately homes throughout the UK.

A fixed temperature controller, the RC11, is available with factory set temperature where this is required for use in premises such as old people’s homes, schools and other places where surface temperature is a problem.

A heavy duty controller, the Rc10 has been developed for use in hazardous areas. Information about this controller is available on request.

Heatec offers an advice service on the use and installation of its products during normal office hours.  Heatec’ products can be seen on line at  

For further information please contact Chris or  Peter on 0845 8726667 or email:  Fax:0845 872 6668


December 2012

!We Have Moved!

Heatec EV has now completed its move to the new Warehouse near Canterbury, Kent.
The Head Office has moved to new offices in Gateshead and the contact telephone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses remain the same
Every effort was made keep disruption to deliveries to a minimum and we believe that we succeeded pretty well.

We have used this period of change to make some changes to the range and sizes of our Cast Iron Products so if re-ordering please check the sizes you require carefully.

There has sometimes been confusion over delivery times with our cast iron products.
Please note that it is usually 4 to 6 weeks and with painting can be slightly longer.

Our range now consists of the following Electric Radiators full details of which can be found on our website 

New Confort  an oil filled aluminium energy efficient radiator
SlimLine = probably the slimmest radiator on the UK market today
ECO AIR a slim line radiator styled panel heater

(These three products have the option of being remotely programmed)

The LD and LDE Panel Heaters

The EV Electric Towel Rail with built in Timer and optional Remote Programmer

The New Imperial Cast Iron ranges available both electrified and for system use

The Finn range of Trench Radiators available for both system and Electrified

Electrified ranges of Tubular and Designer Radiators to Special Order Only


March 2012

New Heatec EV Electric Radiators

Consume UPTO 40% LESS Energy

The New Confort Electric Radiator has been introduced to the UK market under the Heatec EV Range

New Confort is one of a range of Heatec EV Electric Radiators offering consumption up to 40% less than conventional Electric radiators

Equipped with an electronic room thermostat and a PID controller this is an extremely attractive slim line radiator of only 90mm depth. The radiator is designed to radiate heat all over and properly.

The electronic thermostat is accurate to within 0.5 degrees C.

The front digital control panel makes reading and use easy.

The New Confort has an infrared receiver built into allowing it to be set by the hour, weekdays and the weekend using a separate optional remote control.

The New Conforts available in 5 sizes from 500w to 1500w

The SLIMLINE Electric Radiator (pictured) has all the above features but is only 60mm deep (77mm) when fitted and is probably the slimmest radiator on the market.

Contact for further information. 

 Energy saving radiator

October 2011


Probably the slimmest radiator on the market the Heatec Slimline is deigned in extruded aluminium for improved performance and instant heat.


The radiator is only 60mm deep (77mm when fixed in position) and is fitted with an electronic room temperature thermostat accurate to within 0.5°C..


These controllers allow the radiators to consume up to 40% less energy than conventional units.


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